SABDI is an exclusive business forum providing a platform on which executives may grow their business through extending their networks and building qualitative, durable relationships with a diversity of professionals while providing for the inclusion of family members in educational, financial and social programmes.
SABDI facilitates educational and social programmes, supplementing financial and marketing initiatives.


To cultivate and optimize the capacity of leaders, through the expansion of networks, educational and social programmes and to forge cohesive teams dedicated to being the standard for exceptional customer services.

Motivation for Partner Alliance Program

Partner Alliance Program is restricted to Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Marketing, Human Resources and Production Executives, and Heads of Professional Organisations sharing the common objective of expanding their field of influence and markets for products by increasing their networks and forming meaningful business relationships.
Partners will enjoy the advantages of innovative interaction, collaboration and education, drawing on a diversity of ideas from partners with different backgrounds, educational qualifications, knowledge of markets and intellectual resources.