About Us

SA Business Institute (SABDI) pre COVID-19 was an exclusive business forum providing a platform on which executives may grow their business through extending their networks and building qualitative, enduring relationships with a diversity of professionals.

SABDI has historically been an innovator, incubator and resource for re-engineering businesses to address prevailing economic imperatives. It has recently established a sub-acute infectious disease quarantine and treatment center on a portion of its Midrand Campus to assist private hospitals with the treatment of COVID – 19 patients who would otherwise  lack access to specialized treatment.

SABDI facilitates educational, social and marketing programs that are crucial to building a cohesive and inclusive society with equal opportunities for all.

SABDI, through its affiliate company, PREFMED, has partnered with importers, financiers and manufacturers to create a reliable, cost effective direct source of supply of PPE and thereby contribute the South African dream of universal affordable health care.

Our Mission

To cultivate and optimize the capacity of leaders, through the expansion of networks, educational and social programmes and to forge cohesive teams dedicated to being the standard for exceptional customer services.

Our Promise

We deal with our clients in a totally transparent manner and if our culture is different to that of other suppliers, we accept that we cannot be all things to all people – if we cannot fulfill your requirements we will tell you; if we are able, to we will exceed your expectations;

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